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If you are currently searching for a piano tuning service, then you are on the right website. I am a professional and qualified tuner who can help you bring back the voice of any piano. Piano Tuner Los Angeles has vast experience in the industry and can also give you appraisals. Serving clients in Los Angeles, CA, I am extensively experienced and well-trained and can even handle a variety of piano renovation tasks.

My Professional Services

You can call me to get an appraisal to sell your piano or if you need piano refinishing, repair, restringing, renovation, or rebuilding solutions. Count on me to provide you with quality services that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Expert Piano Tuning

  • Piano Repairs

  • Antique Specialist

  • Piano Refinishing

  • New White Key Tops

  • Piano Restringing

  • Action Regulation

  • Piano Appraisals

  • Piano Rebuilding

  • Piano Renovation

The Benefits of Hiring Me

Whether you are a professional pianist, a parent with a musical child, or just a person who plays for enjoyment, you definitely deserve to play an instrument that sounds beautiful. Your hands should glide smoothly across the keyboard at will, and not become entangled with sticky keys, sour notes, or broken strings. Taking into consideration all of the above, you can rest assured that the professional piano tuner at Piano Tuner Los Angeles can keep your piano sounding and performing like new for more years to come.

What Do I Do?

Eventually, wooden parts in your piano may crack, pieces of felt may detach, the glue may weaken, and strings may break. So, if you want to have your favorite piano repaired quickly and efficiently, I am ready to take care of the job. I am equipped with the right tools to deliver flawless results within the shortest period of time. From appraisals to piano repair and tuning, I do it all!

When it comes to providing piano tuning and repair services in Los Angeles, CA, there is only one company that makes a difference, and that is – Mr. Murphy’s. To find out more, do not hesitate and contact me right away!

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